Scripts: Burst fire Double duck Long jump and more

Burst Fire Shooting 1, 2 and 3 roundsUseful script for long and medium range shooting alias w2 “wait; wait”alias w5 “w2; w2; wait”alias w10 “w5; w5;” //optimal delay between shots if fps_max 100alias fire1 “+attack; wait; -attack” //one shotalias fire2 “fire1; w10; fire1” //two shotsalias fire3 “fire2; w10; fire1” //three shotsbind c fire1 //button cbind …

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The most important console commands for creating a script Three commands that will always be used is Alias, Bind and Wait:The Bind command assigns a key to execute a console command or A group of commands.The Alias ​​command creates a new console command from an existing command or group of commands (31 symbol max).The Wait …

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Bind Guide Scripting

A few words about config.cfg! The config.cfg file is automatically loaded after autoexec.cfg and contains the default player settings. It is this file that is constantly overwritten and changes its values if you change any indicators in the game itself. The userconfig.cfg file is player configuration file. The execution link is in the last line …

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