Scripts: Burst fire Double duck Long jump and more

Burst Fire

Shooting 1, 2 and 3 rounds
Useful script for long and medium range shooting

alias w2 “wait; wait”
alias w5 “w2; w2; wait”
alias w10 “w5; w5;” //optimal delay between shots if fps_max 100
alias fire1 “+attack; wait; -attack” //one shot
alias fire2 “fire1; w10; fire1” //two shots
alias fire3 “fire2; w10; fire1” //three shots
bind c fire1 //button c
bind v fire2 //button v
bind b fire3 //button b

You can improve the spray by slightly increasing the delay (fire4)

alias w2 “wait; wait”
alias w5 “w2; w2; wait”
alias w10 “w5; w5” //optimal delay between shots if fps_max 100
alias fire1 “+attack; wait; -attack” //one shot
alias fire2 “fire1; w10; fire1” //two shots
alias fire3 “fire2; w10; fire1” //three shots W10
alias fire4 “fire2; w10; w5; fire1” //three shots W15
bind v fire3 //button v
bind m fire4 //button m

Stop Reload

A situation often arises when the enemy appears during the reloading of the weapon, which leads to defeat.
Reloading will happen if you press and hold the key, if you release, the previous weapon will be returned.
This script forces you to hold the button until the end of reloading if you release the button before it the weapon will quickly return to its original state, which can help to hit the enemy first (if, of course, there is at least one bullet left =))

alias +rel “+reload”
alias -rel “-reload; lastinv; wait; lastinv” //lastinv – selects last selected weapon
bind r +rel // button r

This script, when the button is pressed, quickly returns the weapon to its original state.

alias reset “lastinv; wait; lastinv”
bind q reset //button q

Double Duck

With the help of this script, you will be able to move more silently around the map and at the same time it will be difficult to hit you.

alias +dd “+duck; wait; -duck; wait; wait; wait; +duck”
alias -dd -duck
bind MWHEELUP +duck // Mouse wheel

Long Jump

This script will be useful for those who lazily press two keys when they need to jump onto a box. With this script, you will jump and curl your legs at the same time by pressing only a key or mouse button

alias +hj “+jump; +duck”
alias -hj “-jump; wait; wait; wait; -duck”
bind mouse4 +hj // Mouse button
bind SPACE +hj // button Space

Anti AFK

The script executes a group of commands in a loop
Just turn on the script and go about your business =))

alias on “+attack2; +forward; +left; cl_yawspeed 80”
//cl_yawspeed – sets the turning speed (cannot be higher than on the server)
alias off “-forward; -attack2; -left; cl_yawspeed 210”
bind v on // The button v will launch the script
bind b off //The button v will stop the script
or trigger
alias trigger tON
alias tON “on; alias trigger tOFF”
alias tOFF “off; alias trigger tON”
bind f trigger //The same sense but using one button

Two flash grenades at once

One press two grenades
Nothing more to add =)

alias w2 “wait; wait”
alias w10 “w2; w2; w2; w2; w2”
alias w40 “w10; w10; w10; w10”
alias w80 “w40; w40”
alias fl1 “weapon_flashbang; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias fl2 “weapon_flashbang; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias fl “fl1; w80; w40; w10; fl2”
bind b fl

All grenades at once

alias gr1 “slot4; +attack; wait; -attack; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias gr2 “slot4; +attack; wait; -attack; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias gr3 “slot4; +attack; wait; -attack; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias gr4 “slot4; +attack; wait; -attack; w80; +attack; wait; -attack”
alias gr “gr1; w80; w40; w10; gr2; w80; w40; w10; gr3; w80; w40; gr4”
bind v gr

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