Player and Weapon Skins

How do i change player and weapon skins?

Super easy! You just need to replace your model files with the model files in the game folder. Of course, before that, you need to download them =)
I will show it on the Steam client and No Steam client. Actually, there is no difference.
In my example, the Steam client and No Steam client are installed in the \Games\ folder on the D:\ drive
No Steam:

Weapon models folder for the No Steam client:
Player models folder for the No Steam client:

Weapon models folder for the Steam client:
Player models folder for the Steam:

          Attention for the Steam users!!!

If you use the “Enable HD models if available” option at the “Video” tab at the Counter-Strike options you should use the next path for player models (my example!):

Weapon model files







Displayed model in your hands (example: v_ak47.mdl)

Displayed model on the ground (example: w_ak47.mdl)

Displayed model in the hands of the players (example: p_name*.mdl)

Sounds ( example: ak47_boltpull.wav,  ak47_clipin.wav, ak47_clipout.wav and etc)

Displayed model at the buy menu


Path:     ..\\cstrike\models\

Path:     ..\\cstrike\models\

Path:     ..\\cstrike\models\

Path:     ..\\cstrike\sound\weapon\

Path:     ..\\cstrike\gfx\vgui\

Path:     ..\\cstrike\sprites\

Player model files

1. Terrorist side

1.1 Phoenix Connexion
1.2 Elite Crew
1.3 Arctic Avengers
1.4 Guerilla Warfare


2. Counter-Terrorist side

2.1 Seal Team 4
2.2 GSG-9
2.3 SAS
2.4 GIGN


3. Hostage

3.1 Citizen, plumber, scientist and etc.


4. VIP

4.1 VIP


For display in the menu the model may have a *.tga file like sas.tga, gign.tga, leet.tga, terror.tga, etc
If options “Enable HD models if available” is checked in the game video settings:

The model may also contain an additional texture file. The file has the same name but with a descriptive prefix T. Examples:
leet.mdl and leetT.mdl, terror.mdl and terrorT.mdl, gign.mdl and gignT.mdl, sas.mdl and sasT.mdl
The texture file is required because it is bound to the model, missing it will cause a “Mod_NumForName: path to problem” fatal error and throw you to the desktop. However, the error is caused not just by the absence of a file, but by the absence of a file on a certain side. That is, you can rename the terrorist model file that works with the additional texture file to the counter-terrorist model file and it will work without error, but the textures of the model will look different.

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