CS:GO Ranks System

I think you can agree on how difficult and often unfair it is to play against pro players. For this reason, a ranking system was introduced in CS:GO, of course, it does not work perfectly, but it is improving every day. CS:GO Ranks System is designed to equalize the chances of the opposing sides, which allows players to make their game more colorful, longer, and extremely exciting, and the game between teams turns into an intense struggle.
There are 18 ranks in CS:GO divided into four groups: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, and Elite.

Rank is an indicator of your skill in the game and as you can guess it’s “hard work” =). You must win 10 competitive matches to get your first CS:GO rank. You can only play twice in 24 hours. This will help determine your skill level. After 10 victories, you will be assigned one of 18 ranks depending on the results of your matches.
As a general rule, the CS:GO Ranks System allows players with +/- 5 rank differences. The CS:GO rating directly depends on victories and losses in competitive matches. If matches are won, the rating increases and you get a higher rank. If they are lost, then the rating is reduced accordingly, and there is a chance to lower the current rank.