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A few words about config.cfg!

The config.cfg file is automatically loaded after autoexec.cfg and contains the default player settings. It is this file that is constantly overwritten and changes its values if you change any indicators in the game itself. The userconfig.cfg file is player configuration file. The execution link is in the last line of the config.cfg file:
exec userconfig.cfg
userconfig.cfg, unlike config.cfg, can take any name, even numeric, for example:
exec 123.cfg
123.cfg file will be executed

BIND – A command that binds a specific command or series of commands to a specific key. To assign several commands to a key, use the “;” to separate them
BINDTOGGLE – On / Off command When assigned to a key, assigns the command value 0 or 1 in turn !!! Only CS GO !!!
TOGGLE – A variable entered before the console command to assign a key to alternate enumerated values. !!! Only CS GO !!!
INCREMENTVAR – A variable entered before the console command to assign the key to sequentially toggle values with a certain step from the specified minimum to the specified maximum. !!! Only CS GO !!!
ALIAS – A command that creates an alias for a specific command or set of commands.
  The BIND command (reserved keyword) binds (assigns) a key to execute a console command or a group of commands.
  The ALIAS command (reserved keyword) creates a new console command from an existing command or group of commands.
Since the commands “BINDTOGGLE, TOGGLE, and INCREMENTVAR” no longer support CS1.6 I will use the scripts.
Some simple examples:

  • bind “m” “teammenu”
    The “m” key will execute the “teammenu” console command.
  • bind “F10” “drop; say bb all; quit”
    The F10 key will execute a sequence of three commands: a weapon will be thrown (1-drop), a message to the general chat “bb all” (2-say bb all), the game will be quit (3-quit).
  • bind “n” “net_graprh 3”
    The “n” key will execute the “net_graph” console command with a value of 3. By the way if you just make a bind you can write it without quotes like this: bind n net_graprh 3
  • bindtoggle “F3” “cl_righthand” — no longer support CS1.6 I will use the scripts
    The script:
    alias left “cl_righthand 0; bind F3 right”
    alias right “cl_righthand 1; bind F3 left”
    bind “F3” “left”
    The “F3” key will enable / disable the cl_righthand command (will switch your hand)
  • bind “F4” “toggle volume 0.1 0.5 1”
    The script:
    alias first “volume 0.1; bind F4 second”
    alias second “volume 0.5; bind F4 third”
    alias third “volume 1; bind F4 first”
    bind “F4” “first”
    The “F4” key will toggle the value of the volume command 0.1 / 0.5 / 1
    By the way: You may not use quotes if you are using a single command
    bind “F4” “first” == Right
    bind F4 first == Right
    bind “F4” “first; second” == Right
    bind “F4” first; second == Wrong
    bind F4 first; second == Wrong
  • bind “mouse3” “incrementvar sensitivity 1.0 5.0 0.2”
    The same like #4 and #5 Try to write yourself
    Pressing the mouse wheel (mouse3) will increase the sensitivity value in increments of 0.2 starting from the current value in the config and increasing by 0.2 each time you press mouse3 in the range of values from 1 to

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